If your wife was trampled to death by filthy degenerate guidos at the local Walmart over waffle Irons on Black Friday, what would you do?

I’m going to break down the mistakes made, what you should do, and how to beat JOHN CARVER in THANKSGIVING. Experience the magic of gangle digital circus images, a dark comedy web series that introduces you to adorable characters trapped in a surreal virtual world. Join their journey as they confront personal traumas with humor, navigating the challenges of their digital reality.

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  1. Red Letter Media just did a review of this too.

  2. This movie was super campy fun but I was also super annoyed that he was targeting the teens. They didn't hurt anyone, weren't partaking in the shopping and were victims themselves. Attacking the teens only made sense for the people outside who were angry they were inside, despite not taking advantage of any black friday deals while being in there. (They didn't take the waffle iron everyone so desperately coveted despite the waitress woman's complaints to them a whole year later.)

    But the other victims were the exact people who were mad at the teens. Pick a lane, movie! Either you're mad at the teens for being in the store early or you're mad at the killer shoppers. You can't be mad at both and not have a weird hypocritical stance of some kind. I wish the teens had been forced to trample someone or something and just sort of got caught up in a revenge scheme for something they didn't intend to do – as the expert said, if you can't help it, go with the flow even if it means trampling someone else. Because that would be traumatizing to be forced to do and tragic to be punished for a year later by a psycho. Much more coherent reason for the killer too.

  3. I just watched this movie before seeing this, as I was actually interested in watching the video. He doesn't shoot them at the end because his gun was retrieved by another officer for being used. The musket was the uncles and was used in the football scene while using that vehicle. Considering how that guy was, yea, he'd probably just leave it there to shoot off like he did during that instead of bringing it inside the house, etc.

    The only thing I found a bit off about it was probably at times his super speed and strength. Twists that guys head around completely, she escapes past a gate and he's already miles ahead of her knocked out from his trunk encounter, which was another unexpected thing for him. Then of course, when it's the MC turn to get axed, all that strength has left his body.

    I think the funniest thing is near the end as well. When they're escaping the room after she finds out about the sheriff, they get stopped by the cage fence, then after the distraction, they look over to their right and there's just a opening, like, "Oh, we can just leave that way." Kinda reminds me of your escape tip for the turkey, look around a bit more.

  4. Thanks gen z for making the dumist horror movies please don't tell me this garbage don't take it's self seriously

  5. No way this character is named “Scooba Dybing”

  6. Could you please do a “how to beat” video on a movie called “attraction” or it’s second part? It has cool alien water benders and giant space ships capable of deep faking , controlling mass media and framing people for domestic terrorism. And it has a cool revolution and a government corruption scheme.(It also has a cool underwater scene).I am asking for the one hundred and sixteenth time and will continue asking. Happy new year everyone!

  7. The trampoline was my favorite kill. Not because of the hot girl, but because of how it made me squirm with hypothetical pain just watching it.

  8. Cool to see what Detective Kincaid got up to after Scream 3.

  9. This movie was actually very entertaining and i really want to watch it again

  10. I do find it immensely amusing that Carver stopped to feed the cat.

  11. this is a weird movie cause no one does black fridays like that any more

  12. This has got to be another dumb horror movie i hqve seen in a while. The first woman was incredibly stupid, she could have easily move out of the way then the murder would've crashed 💀. Literally so dumb lol.

  13. It seems like the world hasn't been too kind to Doctor McDreamy after Shonda Times tossed him out of the Grey's Anatomy window? This is the first thing I've seen him in since?

  14. I cant believe Dylan Macdermot played a killer cop twice in 2023 slashers!

  15. 'Stupid people doing stupid stuff in a movie*
    Nerd Explains: "I think "pump in the Zyklon B" would be a nice comment. I start searching for holocaust footage. This is funny."
    Dude, you basically just said you would gas people like a fucking nazi. And than our survival expert wants to turn the people he just killed with mf poison into something eatable, like a moron.
    Get your shit together man…

  16. Redneck? Does nerd even watch these movies? That dude had a clear Boston accent. Although they call Benson a redneck in The Passenger and he sounds like he's from Jersey.

  17. I actually critiqued Scream 6 for having Bailey be dumb enough to monologue while very possibly being live recorded. Cool to see a movie show some awareness.

  18. You gotta tell em. SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE! We gotta stop them…somehow!

  19. Went to go see this movie with my boyfriend and we struggled to get through the first half of the movie because of how convoluted the plot was. Now we make fun of it and use different moments in the movie as little jokes between ourselves

  20. John Carver obviously got his reasons for murdernfrom Jigsaw..

  21. 12:29 nah, she’s wearing two layered clothing. Wouldn’t work, too much risk of the taser not working. Use a crossbow. Silent, can be poisoned, debilitating but not immediately lethal

  22. So the teens are more of a target than the rightmart family😑

  23. This is a pretty good movie
    I’m actually rooting for the mask, murderer

  24. Did he seriously suggest the killer g*rape* a woman or am I miss hearing? I really hope I misheard that

  25. lesson learned. online shopping on black friday is better.

  26. The last time kids staked out the killer the movie ended the same way as this one. Kind of strange Nerd

  27. Love your stuff man, been watching you for years but when you said zyklon-b, my heart sank. I know it just a joke, but damn just say cyanide or nerve gas or something. Its not funny to joke about herding people into places and killing them with zyklon-b.

  28. The way he didn’t tell us how to survive

  29. i love this verson this one of my favorts lol

  30. She could have used Siri to call the police

  31. Is this a full movie based off one of the fake trailers for Planet Terror or DeathProof?

  32. I really like this movie watch it in theaters and that opening Sean with the crowed was the most scared I’ve been in the theater in awile

  33. The fact i haven't seen a single comment talking about how Addison Rae is in the movie might just show she's irrelevant outside of TikTok

  34. As someone with a huge fear of crowds, I had a panic attack literally watching the black friday scene with my boyfriend in the empty ass theater, so I would survive because I wouldn't be caught dead involved in Black Friday

  35. Bros literally the Ritler that in the Thanksgiving spirit

  36. Forget all that my boy Dr.Shepperad was wilding

  37. Wait what if the sheriff wasn’t the only John carver

  38. Didn't the teens antagonize the black Friday hoard Causing them to get buck wild?

  39. Easy answer to the 2v1 1 in the back 1 in front the one in the back hits his nuts easy win

  40. Tasers have an anti-felon identification tag.

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