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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. 43:52

    rewatching this, i finally realised that that is why you don't frigging design stations to have split-island platforms and instead you should use center-island platforms.

  2. Red. light. Green. light. Wen. dey. sed. Red. Light. Da. Doll. I. Sed. Green light. And. Das. Oh. You. Do. It. Bebe.

  3. Welcome to everyone who saw Netflix opening auditions for the Squid Game reality show and decided they wanted to play to win.

  4. Watching this video saves you around 6 hours of having to watch all the episodes.

  5. I hate that they’re turning Ge Hun into an action hero now, it just doesn’t work.

  6. Could have just spit onto the candy it will be much easier

  7. The best thing is you don’t have to follow rules at all

  8. (how to beat) where not playing squid game where play a new game called
    K1ll you childhood friend
    (Me) <starts to writing this comment>

  9. Are you gonna make another video about season 2? It’s been announced by Netflix.

  10. Bruh the rules state that even if the game ends to a majority vote the prize money still gets distributed they don't say "if the game ends from the final game being the winners will get the money" no they say "when the game ends the prize money will be distributed"

  11. Squid Game isn’t a death game. You simply have to SURVIVE, not DEFEAT every other other player

  12. Wtf if you where in this situation you would litterly not know anything

  13. I love it went from the most terrifying death games to you could win $500 by signing up for currency.

  14. Tip to survive be a vip or mani caracter

  15. Why was this show such a big deal? Scary thought really..

  16. Props to Cinema Summary for making this video before squid game blew up

  17. Would you dare to kill all your friends for 4.00000000085845263626363521

  18. The first time I watched this I started shaking 😬

  19. I feel bad for the actors who died on the first game, cause they didn’t get to have all the fun

  20. It would be really cool if the chief got the messages just as Jun Ho died and he sent a whole squad out and everybody all had a massive shoot out.

  21. If I play squid game I will choose the red card to be a guard of the squid game

  22. This reminds me of a game-show called "stabbed in the butt".

  23. Watching this in preparation for the irl Challenge

  24. Now i wont have nightmares about dying in the squid game

  25. I genuinely feel bad for Gi-Hun. First, he was poor and running from dept. Then, he won 400M and lost it to a theif. Not ending there, he finds himself in a death game, winning, but becoming scarred for the rest of his life.

  26. Cimema after Every Game: lip smack Mmm OooooKaaaay

  27. If your the main character he aint dying

  28. hardcore version of hunter x hunter

  29. Oh my God, you're horrifying. Is 3.5 million dollars (4.5 billion won) worth loosing your humanity; becoming nothing more than the wild animals in the jungle? Notice how one kill in the night set off a chain reaction of murder? When you behave in a violent manner, sooner or later everyone else becomes like that out of instinct to survive, and the world gets more dangerous, allowing less time for the true happiness that comes from building relationships with your family and others. If you just want to act on instinct and do whatever's necessary to survive, even ending another's life, then congratulations, you've saved your own life, but what is your life if that's what you do with it? I'm frightened at having someone like you in our society. Not only are you savage enough to be ready to kill people or set them on a path to die, but you're also creepy enough to try to teach us how we should do it too? Think about your life, and what gives you true happiness and peace of mind.

  30. there is mistakes in this the game tug of war, you can tie the ropes cause our hands are locked on the rope and you cant move locks. second is the one where you put your feet on the metal bars the other team can pull and you will fall on your back and fall off the platform

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