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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. Bro i played the squid game in Roblox and the glass bride i did not die i cross all the glass bridge with guessing and i managed to go to the finish line without dying

  2. There's a simple and easy solution to the squid game no one is talking about. Media Coverage. If the press catches on to this and enough people know what it is. They will have billions if not millions of people looking to get money. This would cause mass panic for the creator and force him to pack up and move somewhere else or risk getting caught. Media coverage is a powerful weapon if used correctly

  3. I think the best way to beat the squid games is to just have plot armour


  5. Secret in glass brige they can all make it because you have two seconds of reaction timing so if you speedrun it you will survive but they all stood still which is a dumb decision

  6. Can Gura Gura Gura Aurora craft or no refrain refrain Lupe in Doral Coram Nora call the cops it gonna call

  7. U probably looked at this video because we all remember squid game was cool and now the Minons are if u looked at this comment please reply🫠

  8. another title:
    Squid Game explained in 44 minutes (and every stratagy to win!)

  9. When u said by tug o war 'u can't win if ur old or weak' me be like 'old mans are more skilled cuz they have more experience

  10. sae byeoks death had me heart broken 💔

  11. I really want to see Squid Game, but im not allowed to cause im 11, so instead i watched this really good video!

  12. In glass steppingstones what would that woman do if it were tempered glass and she just pulled the gangster off onto it

  13. ngl you just make all the characters look dumb😂😭

  14. Tips: hide, go easy, stand your ground, don’t pick friends pick enemies + don’t trust them, go half if not last / closest to last.

  15. I came here to hear how to beat every game, and you started from history of life of Gione or whatever.

  16. Tip to survive game 5 : run across all the glass before they break like a boss

  17. in Red light Green light just hide behind the tall people

  18. That was a good transition to sponsorship, I applaud you

  19. i see his really cool guy he is so COOOOOOOOL

  20. I never liked how the glass bridge exploded at the end and wounded the girl. The games were supposed to be "fair" for all participants, but she was mortally wounded by the game after completing it. Even if she wasn't murdered before the final game, she would have died anyway. It goes against the whole idea behind the games.

  21. For the glass part I would have brought the rocks from the marble round

  22. Man your willy's wonderland video is down I'm upset

  23. Watching this show felt like a roller coaster full of emotions and life thinking moments.

  24. I can’t believe this man literally censored a drop of blood😳

  25. Bro what children’s game has steak knives in it-

  26. tip to survive: be friendly and dont use violence to your advantage

  27. Love squid game btw and others uhhhhhhhh you know how I feel

  28. I liked squid game because there could have been multiple winners

  29. Do How To Beat Paw Patrol The Movie

  30. Meanwhile the guards that are changing the woman players: Ooo

  31. Main character:Wins cause main characters don’t die

  32. Glass stepping stones: in all fairness you can walk on the metal but the only problem is that you would get shot

  33. This guy is dumb dumb just so dumb I don’t want to play a dumb game

  34. Nobody else ever notices that the tempered glass IS GREEN

  35. Seong did the most badass move at the end

  36. Sometimes I still imagine

    1: how scary it would be to be in here

    2: if u have ADHD, it’s gonna be difficult to get through game 1 and 2

    3: make friends with everyone team up and boom, u have an island


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