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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. Im a korean too btw these games are tricky

  2. red light green light is my favorite game

  3. "Hey, so, play this game while I escape with my daughter to Busan via train as zombies eat the world. Thanks!"

  4. Am I the only one who skipped until he woke up in the squid game?

    I suggest hitting the glass w/ the marble insted of throwing it in the glass bridge game.

  5. if i was him i would just sell it for american money

  6. I would beat green light red light that i push the player

  7. Tip to survive:have plot armor and be a gambu with the owner of squid game

  8. These are some of MY advices of what the players should do in some of the games to try and stay alive.

    I didn't include games like the Dalgona game, Tug of War, Marbles and Squid Game and Glass Stepping Stones because the strategies are already kinda explained in those ones.


    I know they probably forgot what they were supposed to be doing from all the panic attacks they were getting but players in the first game were quite dumb honestly.

    The intercom lady DID say to stay still during red light and move during green light but when the first person was eliminated, they all started panicking and running to the door even though it was still red light.

    Personally, I think if they try to stay calm [I know it's hard to stay calm while people around you are being mass murdered but it's the smartest thing to do in this situation], stand as still as they can and just concentrate on the intercom's announcements, they should be good for that game.


    All the players should be ready to hide under their beds but still have any item that can be used as a weapon just to ensure their safety while waiting for the lights to go off.

    Since the lights will be off, they'll most likely not be seen under the beds because of the dark and the shade of the bed and thus having a higher chance of survival.

    I tried thinking of the best advices I could, thank you for reading and have a nice day/night!

  9. Tempered glass doesn't crack. It is actually pretty strong but if it does go to crack it will just shatter

  10. Everyone panicking in red light green light
    Player 001: 😁

  11. 34:21 That's not how probability works. There are 9 choices of 50%, so that 50%^9 or 1/512th, way higher,

  12. "This guy needs to be careful, because if any of these trains are going to busan he will instantly regret it"
    im laughing at this till now help- 💀

  13. If you hind a person and they get shot behind a person would the bullet go through the person and possible kill u?

  14. I like how he calls people "cold blooded as hell" while he calls other contestants "meat shields"

  15. Great thinking with the fighting. Just staying under the bed and let them take each other out is smart

  16. bro i was always thinking just walk on the bars for bridge game

  17. The way the old man smiles is a bit funny

  18. They should have known that they would have a higher chance of survival if they try to cheat then if they played by the rules.

  19. Nah the way to win this is to have just go TOWARDS the loan sharks to just pay them since he won so much money just now instead of running from then. IDIOT

  20. “They are now playing a new game called kill your childhood friend :D”

  21. Pov: you are cinema summary but you make a mistake in you math test

  22. How to survive:
    1. Be cinema summary
    2. Be cinema summary
    3. Be cinema summary
    4. Be cinema summary
    5. Be the main character

  23. “And a crazy haircut later” LMAOO 😭

  24. the thing i hated about squid game was the ending. Gi-hun litterally played the games to take back his daughter but instead of just living his life and getting her back he fucking decided to go back to the goddamn death games.

  25. 31:12 "One of their fellow players quit during the night"
    More like rage quit life

  26. The amount of censoring in red light green light

  27. You missed something on the walls it shows all the games

  28. Squid game is the only tv show I’ve seen where the actors actually bother to simulate recoil on fire arms

  29. The only way to survive is to become a gangster

  30. In the glass patterns, apart from what you said and the glass expert's method, there's the option of trying to see the patterns. The glasses were not put at random, they were put by a human and humans trying to be random or unpredictable usually fall into some patterns. They're hard to foresee, specially on the first few, but there's a few points that greatly increase your success rate (but if you're able to think this well, you're probably not playing in the first place):
    1. when the first 2 were left, right, a human trying to be random or to make the opponent fail will usually choose right for the third. If I'd have to guess the chance I'd say 80%. If the first ones had been on the same side the third one would have probably been on the opposite side.
    2. 3 consecutives on the same side will be very rare, happening very probably exactly once. 4 consecutives will not happen at all, I can almost guarantee. The problem is therefore mostly anticipating when it is 1 consecutive against 2 consecutive.
    3. You'll likely come across at most 2 consecutive segments of 2, so if the previous are left, left, right right it's likely the next ones are left, right.

  31. hey can u make more china stuff and more life lessons

  32. The only problem I see in this almost hour-long video is the first strategy for glass bridge.
    I mean like logically you wouldn't suspect the glass panels at the end to explode, like a normal person.
    That's why if you swang the jacket with the shoes at the glass till the end of the game you would be at a very high risk of getting seriously injured by the shards.

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