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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. I don’t think Ali’s Indian I think hes a Muslim from Pakistan or is he?

  2. If you had to play a children's game and if you lose you die what would you do?

    Me: probably die I'll probably fall or soemthing and lose

  3. Tbh I’m gonna forget this if it happens in the future and die 😂

  4. How to survive:
    Audition for the main character role

  5. Bro, this guy censors every drop of blood and bruize.

  6. "Sang Woo just got rid of 33% of the competition."

    wait so Gi Hun is competing against himself?

  7. I love the intense music in the beginning of every video

  8. I'm watching this scene 27:05 to 31:01 and then I remember something like this happened in Roblox with me they were two other players and it wasn't equal so I didn't get to play the marble game😂🤣

  9. Don't think that I didn't notice that you used scam school in this video.

  10. Id beat squid game by beating the squid game security guards and taking their guns and using them exactly how they should be used. Against the squid game controllers.

  11. i would stay behind the old man number 1

  12. I'm confused on something, if sae byeok (player 067) already stole the money from Gi Hun at the beginning, how did she end up in the squid game in the first place?

  13. Business be like: Okay the virus is done I'm gonna go out the train oh look a person

  14. to beat squid game i would just simply be better

  15. if you think about it, there is a player 420 and 069


  16. A cheat
    Say green light when it is red light and win

  17. He should have killed the MC instead of the dying girl while he was banging on the door.

  18. I feel like the easiest shape to do would’ve been the circle since it has no sharp angles and you can do it in one motion.

  19. Wait, if in the game Odd or Even, since if you guess if its odd or even and you get it right, and you get what was in the opponent’s hand, why not just use low number like 3 or 2? That way, your opponent doesn’t get that many marbles if they do get it right.

  20. I rather still not play this game because I would fail anyway

  21. Maybe just don’t gamble and you won’t have to go through this in the first place 🤓👍

  22. I was trying the thumb trick, I’m blind in my right eye.💀

  23. When there Preparing Groups at the Tug of war I saw Someone with the number “880” number 880 Is not in squid game

  24. The way he fit Current into the
    video was hillarious

  25. damn, ur ability to say anything but the way to beat the games(which is the main idea of the video) and give the worse solution compared to the one shown in the series( such as in the second game) or even the option which is simply banned and for using which u will be eliminated immediately(like in the glass game at which u suggested to go through iron member or using iteams to break the glass…lol)

    thank you for the wasted 40 minuted of my life, 0 helpful advices apart from already shown in the show

    I mean it is not your fault since there were no better options given in the series, you should ve just make a video of retelling the story

    but as u released the video under that title I think I have right to click dislike and call you dickhead for my wasted time in here

  26. The fact that there will be a squid game 2

  27. You know how I would beat squid game,I WOULDNT JOIN IT

  28. I'm pretty sure it's because willow being pan and hunter being bi is "hinted"
    this is with a pan flag coloured sparkled with willow in the scrap book and a bi rainbow on a shirt hunter made

  29. The glass bridge totally is a game of skill. The game runners have shown that they are willing to take away a non-violent strategy so shoe tossing or beam walking would probably be meant with resistance. The remaining resource are the other players so the strategy is to trick or force them to take the risks.

  30. Just piss on the cookie. Warm liquid piss. Piss easy challenge.

  31. i am smarter its actually called “ plot armour “

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