How to be the Guard [Squid Game]

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Squid Games Cosplay


  1. Fun fact : u can do circle guard

  2. I have no robux😭😭😭😭😭😭I really wish I had

  3. Fun fact: The circle guards do not have guns

  4. Tho there is only the circle and we all know circle is worker and can't have a gun

  5. i have a Better Guard cosplay on my roblox account my user is alexseiner and mine looks better and cost less

  6. It would look better if u put Friendly cyclops and made your skin black bet circle is a worker so he doesnt shoot ppl

  7. So no triangle face or circle or box

  8. I logged into my account and I have 2.1k robux

  9. Where is the triangle face or circle or square face?

  10. I really wanna make it but i dont have robux

  11. that looks like red soldier instead of pink guard

  12. Well…..its cool but i dont have robux😔😔😔

  13. I like this avatar but i dont have robux 😔

  14. I can make the total less, just don't buy the void mask and put your skin tone black (I'm not racist and the color it's not brown)

  15. VN9K is likw an MP5 likw the shoa so u should use that and nkt CRL

  16. You can just turn your head black and not waste robux on the void mask but its so good

  17. The squid game + The squid game + Void Mask + Red Fashion Hood

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