How to be the Guard [Squid Game]

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Squid Games Cosplay


  1. Wrong don't buy the void mask buy the cyclops face skin color bitch black skin red hood aK 47 spuod game suit

  2. Me be like: You forgot the shape Him: Sorry im running out of time Me: … Him: what?

  3. You should try putting on the cyclop eyes

  4. I did it but I only did two different parts that you didn’t do first I did was the X face and I used the black hoodie because I didn’t have enough roebucks to buy a red hoodie

  5. Total Cost is 210

    For cheap Is
    You need squid game guard shirt and The Hoodie, To hide your face Make all your skin into Clear Black and it will cost you 60 robux

    Edit: you can choose What hood u buy

  6. Bruh I wasted 3000 robux and I could've done this 🥺

  7. I don't need to buy void mask cuz I can color my head black

  8. U need the alien eye or minion eye idk what to say but you need that face to be the Circle guard

  9. Forgot shape and that's red. THEY ARE PINK.

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