How to be the Guard [Squid Game]

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Squid Games Cosplay


  1. Perfect Now we Have from roblox, The Moronic game And Boring, ever!

  2. But you need the square or Triangle or Circle

  3. Hi can you please add me bc I have no friends who know this game and I really want to have atheist one or role-playing with them my roblox username is Emilija_1010 please tell me yours so I won't decline like the others thank you and have a great day/night

  4. My mon tell Me if i 12 he will give me robux;(

  5. Only if I had robux… Can you give me some?
    Username: Guavsddhh
    Display name: TotalySpiderPro

  6. Pretty bad but good bc you need a black skin tone and monster face for circle guard

  7. Alot of people simp for the guards cuz they have mysterious masks :^

  8. Ppl: who only get 200 robux instead of 300 robux and want to buy it cries

  9. Imagine Squid game guard they are similar to Red guard in star wars

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