how to be a squid game guard in roblox for free!




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  1. how do u get the Helmet if its from old event what else do i use

  2. Him: making squid game guard
    Me: looking at his robux

  3. Dust, can u pls make vs suicidemouse fnf mod pls?

  4. Can you make suicide mouse for free i need Please

  5. Dust, can you make the Jack CopperZ Stickman for free please

  6. can you make a boba fett and darth vader for free?

  7. Put on a lavender hair rlly ? Bc last time I checked guards weren't females lol

  8. I miss the moment when I didn’t knew this video existed….

  9. Help Me Reach 25k Subs Before September says:

    buy a stitch face

  10. That is not a squid game card that is like 2

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