How many games are in Squid Game?

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How many games are in Squid Game

Where do the games come from?

They are traditional children’s fun activities. Some of them have ancient historical roots. Kids from Korea and all over the world have been playing them for centuries. The games come from different countries and have various sorts of cultural backgrounds. However, in this Netflix series, they are more than just some innocent entertainment. Here we see them turning into deadly weapons, used to exterminate those who lose.

How many games are in Squid Game?

Overall, there are 6 games presented in the first season. They acquire a brutal tone and are purposefully tough and uncomfortable:

  • Red light, green light
  • Dalgona (Ppopgi)
  • Tug of war
  • Marbles
  • Glass tile
  • Final round (Squid game)

Ways to win may vary, but there is one common feature for all those activities. Contestants stake their lives. The viewer is aware that in the final almost all the characters will be dead. The question is which game is going to take each person’s life away? And how is it going to happen? Nobody knows the circumstances.

There is one particular detail that makes these games special. They convey the feeling of terror to the audience. It creates a significant contrast compared to what the games look like. They are arranged as childish fun activities and use respective attributes. Such dissonance is pretty impressive. Unlock the Secrets of Turbografx-16/PC Engine Emulator Games at


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