How I made the Squid Game Mask

I tried to make the mask from Squid Game as accurately as I could, how do you think I did?

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  1. Maybe next you should to make the front man’s mask.

  2. Maybe next year should make the front man’s mask a bit harder in it

  3. amazing.. can you make front man mask?? If don't don't make it ok
    I'm not forcing

  4. This guy should start a 3D printing company and in a couple of months he would be rich

  5. So u maked squid game mask?
    I saw that mask too, in Belgrade

  6. Can you give me some mask and never mind and lemon tree happy New year

  7. the square is huge but either than that awesome job!

  8. it looks like the real one even the size i need to get like you in blender

  9. めっちゃすごいねどうやって作ったの

  10. Hey man can you make it so I can like get a download of the parts for the mask. I was looking on amazon and they don't have good quality

  11. That's going to be really cool for Halloween

  12. Looks like now you have to put together a puzzle

  13. If you make the mask into triangles, I'll buy it for 30$.
    Just make it foldable

  14. The mask is accurate but the squadre is too big

  15. The mask looks so real like is this mask in the squid game show now???

  16. Does anyone have the link of the file?

  17. I’m wondering if you can get one that was used in the show

  18. How much can u make me one the same n does the bottom slide up n down ?? Am in so Cali

  19. Squid game should use your masks in season 2

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