Gang Life, Reformation, & God with Johnny Chang @Johnny-Chang

On this episode of Girls Gone Wireless, we have @Johnny-Chang joining the F*kfam for a conversation on God, his life in the Wah Ching, and the differences between men and women in gangs – don’t miss it. Subscribe for more:

0:00 Start
01:13 Time in Prison
12:48 Fighting Over Women
14:35 Christian Girls vs. Non-Christian
15:46 Religion in Prison
17:06 CRAZIEST Story in Prison
19:15 What Kat Would Do In Prison
20:14 Race in Prison
23:00 Trusting God
30:30 Getting Setup on a Date By A Pastor
38:25 Empathy With Sinners
45:32 Reconciling Sin
51:42 Bad Thoughts & The Devil
54:05 Jade’s Biggest Weakness
55:89 Johnny’s Type of Women (While In A Gang)
58:08 Girls in Gangs Then Vs. Now
59:40 Johnny’s Friend Dies (Rest in Peace)
1:09:05 Desire For Sex While In Prison
1:14:10 Reading Jade & Kat
1:16:01 Favorite Bible Lesson
1:21:30 Is Life Boring Without Substances?
1:24:53 The Bonsai Tree Metaphor
1:30:00 Cool P{rojects upcoming
1:33:01 Favorite Places To Eat in the SGV


  1. Thats right johnny ur everywhere keep doing ur thing

  2. These girls are asking alot of stupid questions..

  3. There's no scientific proof that hiv evolves into aids

  4. Fan of this dude, but these hosts aren’t good…

  5. lol I know Johnny was loving the vibes in this one 😉

    Johnny I hope you enjoyed your threesome and asked for forgiveness the next morning 🙏🏻😊


  6. The way y’all are thirsting over this MARRIED Christian man is wilddddd 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  7. One of the few interviews which has questions he has not answered before, also very laidback!

  8. I didn’t like what he said about wanting an open partner instead of a Christian although he also said he’s into Christian women

  9. Good interview. The first two minutes I judged the interviewers and thought they were air heads but they are just having fun. Only god can judge them. 😅

  10. I find them really really disrespectful when Johnny is a minister.

  11. Thank God for hoes man, seriously like, you gotta love ratchets😆😆😆Shout out to all absent father and oppressively strict parents that were responsible for the massive slut population we now enjoy!!!!😆

  12. Johnny is a great minister of the gospel

  13. Those women spread their legs to him fir entire interview.

  14. great talk, but fr tho, what kinda asian has never heard of a bonsai tree. sus af

  15. hold up… you're Zhang Fei's descendant?! holy shit

  16. Johnny gotta be careful, these girls have the spirit of Jezebel in them. Flee in the name of Jesus. Look at the way they speak and act.

  17. Johnny not every platform is worth your energy bro..

  18. Enjoyed the interview but didn’t like how they asked about his personal sex life. The interview would had been great without it just my thoughts

  19. This interview is epic for so many reasons. I almost didn't click it which is crazy, but I'm very happy that I did.

  20. Damn those cute girls like bad boys 😂 shit Jimmy don’t even have to try hard to pull those hot Asian girls

  21. 20:00 no way she this dumb. She think jail is like squid games 😂💀

  22. His look suits his occupation at a prison minister

  23. I really like this guy's story. I watched one of his other interviews where he spoke about mending his relationship with his father – that was very moving.

  24. Big Fan of Johnny Chang. seen a lot of his interviews!! Y'all did great asked a lot of questions that other interviewers didn't ask!! Keep up the good work Y'all. Subbed!!

  25. Wish jhonny was my wing man..keep up the good work..

  26. Damn this dude exploded. First heard of him from hood stocks. It's definitely a podcast ep to listen to.

  27. Johnny is gonna need the strength of the Lord to repell all of the thirtsy heathens

  28. Omg these girls nothing about gangs or prison or anything. It's hilarious

  29. I at first thought why is he on this lame podcast / show. These girls are smart as paint . and make girls look so dumb. And know nothing about anything about the southern California llfe if kids in the 90s. From central CA. To San Diego. And they are obsessed with his gang past . and they are low key making fun of it like the Cheetos comment. And it's so funny how every person fron other life styles and other states think that there is rape in prison in California. . but he is right California doesn't do that. Lol. I love my California ! It made me sick that they were asking hi. Questions about if he would 9nly be with a Christian girl . ok anyways. Then I thought about it and I realized that hum being on here and being as humble and respectful and dealing with the idiotic questions with such grace was the most gangster thing he could do . he was awesome . Saludos brother johnney ! You ate a true soldier for Christ . 💯💯

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