Front Man identity- Squid Game


  1. While watching Squid Game I was thinking "I wonder if the Front man is actually Hwang Jun-ho's brother?" and when the Front Man took off his mask and revealed to be Hwang Jun-ho's brother I was like "CALLED IT! CALLED IT! CALLED IT!"

  2. Front man Tere papa hai Humko samajh mein a Gaya Prasad bahut bura hua aur front man car mask le raha hun main samajh gaya na

  3. He s the T1000 thats why he won the game before..

  4. He's lucky the front man was his brother otherwise he would've been shot in the head without any hesitation

  5. No way the font man took his hood and mask off now we finely know who's the front man now

  6. Dangerous thriller and suspense scene. Filled with goosebumps.

  7. I don’t think he killed his brother. It’s a build up for season 2.

  8. Dectective:who are you

    Front man: your father


  10. When you think the front man is elon musk

  11. 0:18 Storm Shadow From Gi Joe The Rise Of Cobra (2009) And Gi Joe Retaliation (2013)

  12. Frontman: You were never told what happened to your brother.

    Hwang Jun-Ho: You killed him!

    Frontman: No. I am your brother.

    Hwang Jun-Ho: No.. that's not true. That's impossible!

  13. Front man is so cool in suit in mask

  14. Pink soldiers: Kill guards who take of their mask
    Fromt man takes off mask
    Square face: Its fine

  15. I knew it. In many movies or series a missed person is the bad guy.
    But the twist with the old man was unexpected for me

  16. Uhhhhh is that the squid game boss guys O M G

  17. I somehow speculated that the Front Man might be the same guy who played T1000 (remake) since it requires the ability to be intimidating by just standing expressionlessly and I was somehow right

  18. @sarahl9398
    1 year ago (edited)
    I remember reading Lee Byung Hun's name in the cast lineup and knew he'd be this character or at least someone of great importance. Still though, what an entrance! And what an iconic actor too.

  19. Hard to believe its wayne from lost planet :0

  20. squid game e le borse da cardiopatia, il banchiere che abbia al popolo … bel film bel thriller. cosa si fa di bello nel mondo, niente … squid game, age of mythology, vari dei remoti, campo di forza, non tutti d'accordo … chi vive e chi no? mah … drill italiana? anche non solo, la violenza di dio che non ha mai risolto nulla, anzi … stare fermi al proprio posto e aspettare, l'occasione, che qualcuno abbocchi all'amo, ecco chi erano gli dei … dei senza volto come il frontman, solo che altrove, non si presentano … lasciano fare, e poi a cose finite banalizzano, buttano in caciara, dividono e confondono … la storia dell'uomo che è un troll, un fake … il sapiens al museo, nel suo spazietto 2×2 di leone … proprio come un magazzino, e pacchi annessi, solo che il pacco te lo rifilano rotto, vuoto, cattivo … strano la descrizione era impeccabile, era in garanzia magari … restituire al mittente, return to sender, il film … as above so below, tu gestore fai danni, e lo fai perchè sei tale, finchè qualcuno non fa azione contraria … e così via, all'infinito, passive-aggressive, la violenza di dio sotto altra forma, più femminile, e più satanica, lilith direbbero … dei fantasmi con un bel vestito sopra, che danno ad altri di esser fantasmi …

  21. He isnt the first guy to discover his archnemesis in a black mask / suit is his blood relative that ends up injuring him making him fall down from a great height.

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