First Playthrough [Act 8/9: Seattle 3] – The Last of Us Part 2 [#7]

This is my first playthrough of The Last of Us Part 2. I have not watched a single trailer or summary. We can safely assume crazy fungal zombies will be making a return, as will Ellie and Joel. As far as expectations go, that’s all I got! — Game selected by popular vote:

Last of Us Part 1:

_*[Act/Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3]*_
Intro – 00:00
Return to the Aquarium – 04:30
The Marina – 25:00
The Island – 50:20
The Escape – 1:38:45
The Confrontation – 2:27:20
_*[Act/Chapter 9]*_
The Farm – 2:44:00

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Title: The Last of Us Part II
Type: Action, Third Person, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment / PlayStation

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