Ekuaz Studio Squid Game: Squid Guard 1/6 Scale Figure Review

This is a review of the Squid Guard 1/6 scale figure (EKS07) made by Ekuaz Studio and based on the Netflix show Squid Game.

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Intro Music:
by Gods Immortal Gauntlet:

Background Music:
by Aim to Head official


  1. How much did it cost and where did you get thoses

  2. Well the x is not wrong x is over top of square and it’s it’s also top of triangle

  3. Holy crap, those three look so good together! I ordered one of those figures, but it still hasn't arrived, yet. My solo figure will be the Cop in disguise. I'm glad that the face looks like him, 'cause when the figure got announced, I wondered why it didn't have his face underneathe the mask and it DOES! 😉
    It's funny while watching your review, I kept seeing the figures and thinking, "That outfit is hanging in my closet…" Hahaha!
    Your photos were awesome, especially the ones with Jason and the sudden Squid Dance Party! 😉
    Oh my god, the ending! Hahaha! I needs me an X guy, now. Excellent job on that, by the way! Great use of an X-tra mask. ^_^

  4. I couldn't get into Squid Game myself. I found the premise far too bleak for my mental state. Where exactly does the "Squid" part in Squid Game come from?

  5. Great review as always. The submachine gun is a German Heckler & Koch MP5, from the 1970s, if that's of any interest to you. Squid Game was fun, hope they make more character figures. South Korea is turning out some cool shows. (They do look like The Beastie Boys don't they?) 😂

  6. Awesome figure love to have that in my collection

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