Disney Minus vs. Squid Game Doll #shorts

Who will win?! Who should be next?
Inspired by the great great great video by Kotte Animation.

Comment what you want to see next!
Thank you for all the great suggestions!

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#SquidGame #Softbody #DisneyMinus


  1. I thought of the weirdest and the weirdest animations ever and this Kirby 1010 1010 1010 1010 out of 10 this is so fucking weird what the fuck


  3. Bro they cut the dolls another eye but is still there

  4. "im not afraid of you" well you should be afraid of yourself

  5. Cheap knock off of Kotte. You'll never be Kotte.

  6. This aint red light green light, this bean fight bed bite

  7. honey soy chicken flavoured oven baked potato chip says:

    nice take on kotte animation's vid… I guess >_>

  8. Why ar Ariel's boobs like that and what was Woody doing to the gared

  9. This sound was used for a really weird video before it was made it was really funny but really sus I just

  10. That ain't squid games that's Ohio games

  11. Im happy that Simba is not messed up like the rest

  12. This is low key horrifying bro I woke up watching this

  13. This is it. THIS is the official video of: get off the internet and do something with your life.

  14. Something my friend would send me at 3Am

  15. is this what are kid in 2023 whacting now

  16. Disney plus : we have "gigantosaurus"!

    Disney minus : we have "niggersaurus

  17. This is aint squid game this is shrimp work

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