Did You Know In SQUID GAME…

The infamous phone number in the first episode of Squid Game is actually a real number, but don’t call it! This number belongs to an actual person, and when the show aired, they received thousands of phone calls daily from people asking to participate in the game. For work-related reasons, the owner could not change their phone number. So, Netflix had to edit out the phone number to stop the calls.


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  1. "Did you know in mid games that you could call your father"

  2. The phone number owner couldve easily sued squid game

  3. I hope you are not this easy to convince lol

  4. I just did the call I called that person all day

  5. I calling it 🎉😂 i got to much money

  6. Wait really im calling it righ-

  7. Why would anyone wanna participate!? LIKE BRUH DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH!?

  8. I’m saving this video so I can call this person 😂

  9. But blud just showed us his phone number

  10. Me in Philippines: hello can i join

    Squid game : nah hell no your too far i will get 29 hours to get you i only have car

  11. Yo you literally just leaked the number again

  12. I still call the number, every single day…. its bliss man. I love hewring them get pissed and threaten me with legal action. Like they can actually find me 😂😂😂😂

  13. I feel like this is fake because that’s eight numbers a phone number is 10 numbers

  14. Wait yall watch squid game by Netflix not YouTube?😅😅

  15. Dude then why are you showing the number😂

  16. He leeked it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. What if i try calling it
    Can i call south korea in usa

  18. Did you know there’s no Squids in Squid game

  19. i called him and didn't say anything lol

  20. Him: "dont call it "
    My intrusive though: "call it" call it "

  21. some random dude: my phone ringing!
    Other dude: can I participate In the game
    Some random dude: 👁️👄👁️

  22. Imagine paying for a netflix subcription just so that u can call a random number💀

  23. Is not real Madrid I just tried it out

  24. The phone numbers in real because I just tried it out

  25. The phone number is not real I just tried it

  26. Is it real? Or you are joking

  27. Netflix: Removes the number
    imeugenetv: Doxxed the Number again.

  28. "How to join squid game irl no cap!" 💀💀💀

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