Cursed Collector’s Curiosities Livestream!

In this livestream Matheus and Luca will present Cursed Collector’s Curiosities, our April Fantasy bundle!

Dr. Anderson doesn’t really wish his creatures harm, but he needs them to concoct a cure for his… let’s say… condition. Will he survive his creatures going loose? Choose your favorite mini, put your top hat on and start 3D printing minis from CURSED COLLECTOR’S CURIOSITIES!

Available on April 1st at:


  1. One question can the dragon on the tower be printed on it's own?

  2. Fantastic!
    The coolest thing is that they are releasing monsters from Brazilian folklore, I loved it!

  3. I just need some medieval heavy infantry with a large shield, seems hard to come by.

  4. Awesome, not out yet tho right? Not in my loots box yet

  5. That wall mounted dragon trophy is tops!!! So stoked to print that.

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