Coach Reacts to Kuroko No Basket | Ep 8 – Kagami meets Tomoki Tsugawa

Welcome to my Coach Reaction To Kuroko No Basket Episode 8! Kagami meets his match versus the incredible defense of Tomoki Tsugawa!

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  1. Wish you will watch the new episodes of haykyuu when it comes out coach.

  2. Shoutout from Singapore! Finally it’s here! Let’s go Seirin

  3. I’m so excited for him to get to season 2 and 3 !

  4. Love your reactions coach keep it up 😊

  5. He’s not as tall as papa he is as tall as serin point guard “mitobe”

  6. First time commenting, but at 11:50 Iwamura (the captain for Seiho) is as tall as Mitobe, not Papa. Mitobe is the silent character of Seirin's group. We see him more later on but he's really good at defense.

  7. coach some of the reason why the animation continuity is not that great it's because even if the manga was great in success they where hestitant about the success of the anime so the animation studio didn't put that much budget. then the anime was a success so they increased the budget and the animation improved also in the second season

  8. Seirin reminds me of Aoba Josai where the players think and come up with ideas and strategies, and don't just look to the coaches for guidance

  9. don't blame you for not really liking the slow pace. i usually skip to the second half of this season cuz that's when it picks up, and once you get to season 2 you'll wanna watch all the episodes back to back. this show is definitely a slow starter (like Seirin lol) but the speed, animation, different play styles and hype will turn up mad in season 2 and 3

  10. Seiho’s Captain is in fact smaller than Kagami by 4 cm

  11. Thank you for the great video!
    Interestingly enough, namba running is an actual technique that comes from Japan since during Edo period they had express runners that had to deliver messages from one province to another (which is approximately 300 miles of running), so they developed this technique to run faster and easier. It is believed that by minimizing body twisting, you save some stamina, and it's efficient for movements used in japanese martial arts such as Aikido or Kendo. Nowadays, there are some japanese athletes such as runners and some basketball teams who incorporate namba running to a certain level, so it's a real thing. I am not sure how actually effective it is, but I heard about it since I did aikido and found it pretty interesting. It's definitely worth reading about it.

  12. after you finish this series, I recommend you watch Blue Lock. its an anime about soccer. @Elevate Yourself

  13. Yeah I wish they left the "namba running" crap because, like you said, it isn't true at all.

    The explanation of using martial arts to improve the athlete's control and efficiency of their body would have sufficed.

    Yeah, Riko keeps being awesome. 🙂

    Can't wait until they really go HAM with their strategies, it's one of the parts I find the most fun about this series. The big brain moments 😀

  14. I am an absolute beginner age 17 and 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) tall in a small town where there aren't any clubs that I can go to, I'm like Hinta in a way, so can I improve to play more serious volleyball or maybe even pro.

  15. 1:31 – cue the "COME TO BRAZIL" comments 😂

    Piadas à parte, somos nós que agradecemos! Obrigado a você pelos vídeos incríveis!

  16. The opposing team's captain wasn't supposed to be tall, they said he was wide so the perspective is fine.

  17. I’m always surprised they called that charging but I think that is a difference in rules between the NBA and other countries rules.

    In the NBA at least now that likely isn’t called for charging at the very least I’ve never seen a charging call when a person didn’t fall in this case the person would of had to of fallen and did so properly which is not letting one shoulder dip but instead completely fall backwards evenly and not moving your feet.

    This also could of thrown kagami off considering he played basketball in the US most of his life.

  18. Now, Im kinda worried once Coach meet Momo. AHAHAH Thank you for this reaction, Coach! ❣️

  19. Love that Hanamichi Sakuragi just pop out on the side. 😅 Oh yeah. That 90s anime is one of the reason why basketball become popular in japan.

  20. for some reason this episode wasn’t on my recommended page, I had to look up your channel to find it

  21. The announcer says Lucão because in many word in portuguese you can add the letters ão to signify big, in this case he's saying big Lucas (the player).

  22. Kuroko no basket manga started in 2008. That's why they use CD's and flip phones, some characters even talk with each other by letter.

  23. Even if the animators are always the same, their output can vary – it's not always consistent

  24. 3:19 (as well as the whole convo, but specifically when he says "kore nani….. desuka")
    idk if it's been pointed out to you yet, but one aspect of Kagami's character is how he genuinely tries to speak more politely/formally to the coach. The way it goes is he has a completely informal sentence… pauses… then remembers to add "desu" (or another appropriate ending to a sentence that makes it more respectful) at the end to try and switch it to a formal ending. I always thought that was kind of a nice touch, regardless of the true intention behind writing that into his character.

  25. 8:16 btw, i'm sure someone already said it in past video comments, but that's supposed to be a "cat-faced person". it's a character design trope sometimes used randomly as another way of being able to identify different characters. from my minuscule knowledge , it's usually female characters, and it usually doesn't affect their personality at all, and doesn't go as far as having cat ears or anything. just the mouth [and sometimes eye] shape—like this :3

  26. Coach just to say the name of the green hair guy its Midorima not Midoriyama as you were saying, but its ok. Keep up with the great work Coach

  27. Kuroko no Basket will just get better and better

  28. Can't wait for you to meet the other generation of miracles

  29. The animation will get better in future episodes they just saving it for now 😏

  30. I hope u react to these once a day man…. Kuroko no anime becomes crazy in season 2. The animation boosts up

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