Circle, Square And Triangle in Squid Game Explained

Circle, Square And Triangle in Squid Game Explained, popularity. Traditionally, Netflix ranks the popularity of its originals by counting how many people watch a title for at least two minutes in the first 28 days of release.

If Sarandos is using this standard metric, Squid Game would be overtaking Bridgerton — a racy Regency-era drama released late in 2020 — as Netflix’s most popular series. It would also overtake Lupin, a French heist series that is Netflix’s most-watched non-English language series yet, and No. 2 most-watched series generally after Bridgerton.

Earlier Monday, Netflix released top-10 rankings of its original shows and movies, which are calculated after a title has been released for 28 days. Squid Game was released Sept 17, giving it only about 11 days of viewership by the time Sarandos spoke.

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  1. I once saw that symbol in a movie i just forgot what

  2. I ended up watching this show in 2 days. I am a bit threw off by the ending. I was not expecting to want a second season but by the looks of the last episode.. now I do! This show its amazing and to me personally, it is not so grotesque because of the blood scenes.. these type of events or even situations may be happening around the world. It just reminds me that there is always evil in this world so one must always be careful of their surroundings. From the actors to the themes on each scene, everything was great! Thriller, action, drama, romance, everything together was a perfect combo. I hope there is a 2nd season to find out if the wealthier elite VIPs gets punished or if the main character finds himself joining that side? Who knows… watch Squid Game!

  3. Intense but binge worthy.

    From someone who fell in love watching Alice in Borderland (Japanese series), I have high expectation for Squid Game.

    With Gong Yoo sshi cameo, I thought I would only be interested for when he shows up. However, Lee Jung Jae sshi and all main casts have captivated me throughout from episode until the very end.

    I thought the series could not impress me any more than it already has. But when Lee Byung Hun sshi makes an appearance, oh goodness.

    Some big names here and there and the Binge worthy claim. This series easily took four stars from me. That one missing star is simply because I was hoping for more twists. There is a decent amount but I am just greedy for more.

  4. The ending of the show was absolutely terrible, it pretty much ruined the entire show. It was great until episode 7, but when they made Sang-woo betray Ali, and the main character ruin his friendship with Il-nam it quickly became one of the most horribly directed episodes I have ever watched.

    Plus, they purposefully showed us the "good side" or the "soft side" of some main characters just to kill them off in the most meaningless and uneventful way possible? And the whole secret detective thing on the side was such bullsh1t. At first, you think, damn, he may be onto something what a great guy, then, in the end, he ends up shaking hands with the bad guys, and now suddenly all his good intentions and aim to expose these VIP's and the Game/Front Man (which he risked his life for) are gone???

    If you enjoy characters dying then coming back to life, or the winner of the game continuing to spend his life like a homeless bum loser even after winning 45 billion won, this show is for you. In case you happen to want to save your time and energy for a better show that actually makes sense, then I suggest you don't watch this show. It's definitely NOT worth the hype.

  5. I binge watched this show as I wanted to find out the ending. Initially I thought it was going to be Lord of the Flies meets Hunger Games, but it wasn’t that good, plus the ending was crap; an obvious cliff hanger for a 2nd series. If there isn’t a 2nd series, then the ending would be even more irrational and doubly crappy.

    There was little to uplift viewers in the main characters’ arcs, and I won’t lie, I watched at 1.25x speed, increasing to 1.5x once I realised that there was going to be little character development apart from showing how greed reduces everyone to the lowest of human behaviour. If the games are meant to be “fair” why do some of them depend on random luck? Where’s the positive to balance the negative? The show is stuck in a one dimensional morass of desperation, poor decision making and brutality. The worse bit was the immoral reason given for starting the games in the first place….it was a bit of fun for bored über-rich people.

    I get that Squid Games tries to highlight racism towards immigration workers, the plight of the poor in a patently uncaring and unequal society, family relationships and the high level of personal indebtedness South Korea but it does so in a very superficial manner, neglecting to visit the back stories of the main characters in any depth. There are so many unanswered questions draped all over this show that one wonders what was the point of it in the first place.

    The best things in the show for me were the welcome appearance of a dark skinned, Indian actor, and the cameos from Mr Sunshine and Goblin, the great and lonely god actors

  6. Wow…

    Take a bunch of random people and fighting for their lives to earn a huge amount of money.

    This has been done over and over. But then add in character development, twists and turns, emotional levels, action and then you have a pretty amazing series.

    I literally couldn't stop watching this series and there were some emotional parts which were some of the most emotional scenes I've ever watched.

    Incredible, it literally got better with every episode.

    Watch it and I guarantee you'll be impressed

  7. i binged it the entire day, and it was good but i didn't like the ending tho, but the acting was amazing plus the set

    negative review –

    1) it was good but the MC was just not likeable i mean i get it he's a very kind hearted man but who tf would want to quit the game just to go back to that hell life of his where he doesn't have any money, his mother is ill, there are loan sharks after him + his kidney and his eye if he doesn't repay and he has a daughter to whom he couldn't become proper father to. after so many reason he wanted to quit.

    2) wth he literally waited a year to reach out to the girls brother and the guys mother, even tho he knew what they would be going thru. i mean think abt that poor kid who had only his sis with him and now she not there for him. dude he had 45.6 b won he could have done something for them

    3) even after winning he's going after the ppl behind the game like he didnt participate on his own will.

    4) the reason for the game was also dumb, who want to see ppl die just bc they find there life boring and need some fun ??

    5) the VIP scenes were just straight up cringe

  8. this kseries is more vibrant and entertaining to watch.


    only 9 eps

    all these kids game were entertaining but the marble game ??? i don't know.

    i was blown away by many hidden hints which i didn't notice until someone mention it.

    for me, the characters development was good.


    the story still lack more deeper, emotional thing for me as i didn't cry in any of the sad scene.

    the English subtitle is quite weak as per Korean language speaking in that series.

    i dont understand how that little girl who have no goal, no such desperate for money end up in the squid game. almost all the people were selected after playing takkjji and getting numerous slap.

    and so, when the main protagonist died, who is leading these game. who is the boss?

  9. The movie is not that great, it’s entertaining enough to watch. I was so excited when I saw the trailer but the series is disappointing.

    The plot and characters are badly executed and there are many plot holes. The main character is a person who use the money for his daughter’s birthday to bet on some horses, he even stole his mother’s money. But when he joins the game, he acts like a righteous man? Also he didn’t even do much, always depends on other people.

    I really like Sangwoo, but him betraying his teammates in the second game was silly and weird if they want to portray him as smart and cunning. I know they need a reason to make the main character choose the umbrella but there are still other ways.

    The games are boring and uncreative. Yes they’re children’s games but nobody plays red light green light like that, the robot’s talking speed was steady and unchanging yet people still manage to lose.

    Netflix really succeeded with the PR, so many people praising this series even though it’s not that good.

  10. My favorite show right now. I love fandom, it's all over social media and the edits are a 10/10. Other then that the characters are great, every death made me cry, and this is a show that I would 100% re-watch because it's just that good. I Told everyone I knew to watch it and they all loved. This is a amazing thing to watch <3

  11. This drama is the true happening in the world. It's about "SURVIVAL" every person will be forced to do something about it to be alive and to be safe even if we meant to harm someone by actions.

    "POWER" if you have it you can do everything, you can manipulate everything even a person and of course "MONEY" too so if you have plenty of it you will not be contented on something you already have you will get bored. Because it isn't thrilling anymore, so you will do something extreme like what they build "Squid Game"

    And "MONEY" is the thing that some people can get crazy because they needed it and will do everything to get it. Even if they meant to crush, to eliminate someone. "TRUST" is something we always have and in our hearts even though we can see or feel that something is wrong. "BETRAYAL" is the most hurtful thing to do with someone you trusted the most. "FRIENDSHIP" is there where we knew someone so long but not all the time we can say that they are friend because we knew them too long.

    All in this Drama have it and I was not expecting to overwhelm. The Squid game was the perfect reality of the world where we can see, felt, and do something we wish we didn't do.

    The casts, situations, reasons, greed, selfishness, love, friendship, hatred.

    Is in this drama that I never watched something like this. Because every characters there are having heavy roles that we can't blame them for being like that. But I really admired them for that they all did great work that they are the first ones to do/did that thing.

  12. Korea is gay they ruining my childhood

  13. Let's be real, you binged this series within a day or 2 tops. 10/10 show

  14. I was hoping you were going to mention the note left inside of the boiled egg in this video and now Im sad

  15. So its like these:
    Circles : They clean when the rohnd is done they burry and burn the dead bodies and can kill a player if they found out somethingor a person…

    Triangles: Mostly the killing machines the ones who shoot and kill people if they made a mistake in the game then elimination goes to you… Death is Served

    Triangles: The Supervisors or the one incharge like a Leader ( They explain the rules and stuff etc.)

  16. the acting in this show is so horrible but idk why im so addicted too it

  17. {:!!SPOILER ALERT!!:}

    The old man actually created the game, which is why he will randomly move when be stared at by the robot.

  18. i saw circle triangle and square in google meet very sussy

  19. I kept thinking of playstation when I saw the symbols

  20. I think there's no X because according to the rules, a player will not stop playing the game. And in one of the episode where they all had a vote, X button is the vote for exit.

  21. They should have nominated one person to win, And the rest will tell their families address to that one person. And split the winnings with their families And the rest dies.

  22. Hmm… I felt episode 1 and 2 were boring…but others WERE AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……What do u guys think

  23. I thought it was for 3/4 PlayStation buttons

  24. When I saw these symbols for the first time I thought it was the PlayStation controller buttons

  25. I decipher from the show: square, circle, and triangle cos these are like the symbols on PlayStation controller. Square is the main guy like menu (supervisor), triangle like point of view (point man = soldier) and circle like select yes (yes man = follower).

  26. Plot twist: this was all PlayStation doing a big murder event

    Edit: wow tysm I've never gotten this many likes

  27. I havent even watched the video and i know, the Triangle, Square and circle represent the guards shape on their mask. Im so thankful i didnt have to waste my time watching this video because my smart ass knew that the triangle, square and circle is representing the guard’s shape on their mask, god damn im so smart

  28. Man come on I'm just trying to figure out which shape do what job 😭

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