Circle, Square And Triangle in Squid Game Explained

Circle, Square And Triangle in Squid Game Explained, popularity. Traditionally, Netflix ranks the popularity of its originals by counting how many people watch a title for at least two minutes in the first 28 days of release.

If Sarandos is using this standard metric, Squid Game would be overtaking Bridgerton — a racy Regency-era drama released late in 2020 — as Netflix’s most popular series. It would also overtake Lupin, a French heist series that is Netflix’s most-watched non-English language series yet, and No. 2 most-watched series generally after Bridgerton.

Earlier Monday, Netflix released top-10 rankings of its original shows and movies, which are calculated after a title has been released for 28 days. Squid Game was released Sept 17, giving it only about 11 days of viewership by the time Sarandos spoke.

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  1. If only we had an across for the full PlayStation pink solders

  2. Hopefully we get to see the 'X' symbol next season 🙂

  3. All the games were pictures on the walls where they were staying

  4. The author just wanted to rip off the PlayStation symbols, being a desperate as he was, and then at the last minute just left out the cross, so Sony doesn't sue him.

  5. Circle, Square, Triangle
    me : i feel like thats a PS5 players

  6. Ali got treated so badly in this series. First of all, Ali wasn't paid the money that was owed to him, which led to a horrible situation. Then, Ali gets made fun of by the weird girl in a place where getting discriminated against is the least of your worries. Finally, Ali gets betrayed by his closest friend in the game and is killed over 20 marbles. Damn, I feel bad for my man.
    I literally cried in ali death

  7. Why tf my friend said the square one is not a maneger

  8. Playstation shapes without the X turn into a killing machine

  9. Couldn't concentrate coz he kept saying GUY HUN

  10. Fun fact : Netflix and Sony working together since Playstation 3 time.

    There 3 Playstation button shape

    △ □ ○

    Notice there 3 Playstation button without X.

    Imagine in season 2 there someone is boss of Squid game is X….

    Now that what I would call…

    "X Mark the spot"

  11. Is squid name based off a real kids game? I never played anything like it

  12. They are inside of a playstation controller and X is their leader no need thanks

  13. I thought it was a reference to the book flatland

  14. ےͼ҉҈Ͼ҉҈꧁匚҉҈Ħ҉҈Σ҉҈Σ҉҈Ͳ҉҈Ө҉҈꧂Ͽ҉҈ͽ҉҈ڪ says:

    Something else weird

    circle 0 sides

    Triangle 3 sides

    Square 4 sides

    Not sure if it might imply something else :))

  15. LOL it is just Free masson symbol, you have great imagination to create a non sense story

  16. so basicly the more points you have the more valuable you are

  17. Just because you could see the games on wall behind the beds, dont make them easier to survive

  18. Floofy_raptor チ嵐ヒ says:

    Wait so what one is the top ? The square?

  19. Square – Supervisor (Superior)
    Triangle – Gunman
    Circle – Worker

  20. okay okay sooo squid game is not real check i am check? okat stop this

  21. Uhhh they are literally the play area shapes of the squid game

  22. Wait, there's no X-masked guards among these guards??!!

    0/10 stars!!

  23. Imagen those symbols were on the guards were playstation players

  24. It would it be cool if squid games guards leader were wearing X symbol mask and only known as MR.X

  25. Wow, this new fraternal organization looks great! Who doesn’t want to go O D Square

  26. He is correct the ranks of the guards go by shape.

    Rank 1- Circle: The circle is the lowest rank who must listen to triangle guards and square guards.
    Rank 2- Triangle: The triangle has a limited amount of power over the Circle ranks, while square guards are the superiors.
    Rank 3- Square guard- The square guard is the highest rank with commanding honors on Triangle and Circle guards, the only boss they listen to is the mysterious leader in the secret room.

    ⚠⚠⚠⚠SPOILER ALERT⚠⚠⚠⚠

    The guy who dresses up as one of the guards picks up the mask from the dead square guard and when he puts it on in secret in a hall, a triangle guard comes up and says, hey you! Why aren't you doing your job!? He turns around and the triangle guard sees the square mask and says- " I am sorry sir, how may I be of service" The guy dressed with the square guard mask tries to sound skilled and not suspicious and says what he was once told which is "Did you forget the rules? You cannot speak unless your superior allows you to"

  27. But where is the PlayStation "X" symbol at in this series?

  28. That was my idea good thing your a adult to explain not like me im a kid

  29. where's the other secret playstation button, x guard

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