Buying Every SQUID GAME GUARD For 1$ In GTA 5

Buying every Squid Game Guard for 1$ in GTA 5 with mods!

Today we are in the Squid Game Store and this time we are going to buy every single Guard they have, which includes the Square, Circle, Triangle, and many more! Even Sonic, Cartoon Cat, and a zombie make an appearance in this exciting GTA V adventure!

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  1. Why squid game‽ little kids watch this content and love all you stuff why the squid game tho….doesnt it kinda send the wrong message?

  2. Oh my God what are you doing today are you trading me

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  4. What type of game is this I don’t care about this just go in the school games I don’t care but just go in the school again just in the school thunderstorms with games just going to school games just getting out of school games and just scram scram

  5. I sent the comment about how I love you breaking the bones of Poppy and Casey Missy huggy waggy I just wanted to let you know that my name daviny and and I like watching your videos too so yeah

  6. Playing squid game guard songs he he he he he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he he ha ha he he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I can sing a school game songs he he he he I can say the squid game guard song he he he he ha ha he he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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