Birth To Death The Squid Game: A Roblox Movie

Thanks for watching: Birth To Death The Squid Game: A Roblox Movie


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  1. its so sad but so good at the end tho luckily its just a serie on netflix and not in rl

  2. It is so sad when dad was eliamaoed an it was funny when VIP voice is so funny it is funny and sad

  3. wait what squid game what

    and the frontman has no mercy in mind lol

  4. This is the first time The front man got eliminate

  5. Shane plays did you see the front man get a lemonade and this is the first time

  6. Why is there only white people in all your videos are you racist

  7. this reminded me of my sister emma she was gonna survive but she died inside my moms belly she was agreat sister even though i never got
    to see her i still miss her R.I.P emma

  8. That one officer I can't it was he said puts the guns downs and then other one said yeah yeah whatever he said 😂😆 lol

  9. His name is Chance. He got more chances than his life

  10. I like ROBLOX BE LIKE

  11. I always watch this when I wake up early

  12. First:this is kinda stupid i am only watching this cause i am board. Second:i am on my brothers YouTube account so my pic is bad
    No hate one this dude

  13. I love how he just runs away after his friend dies

  14. 💂‍♀️ 👨🏻‍💼 💂‍♀️

  15. At rhe time he went to squid game he was like 20 and after the 20 years later came he propavly eas 40 s o how he is a old guy

  16. Lol Its So Funny When One Of The Guards Was On The Swing In The Cookie Game

  17. Omg! AWESOME! Man…. I Wish He Really Existed And Not In Just A Video!

  18. im so over jeff the killer i love robllox

  19. Front Man:If you take off ur helmet you will be eliminated.
    Also Him takes his helmet/mask off in the series (actual) and didnt get eliminated

  20. Love this channel! Does anyone know what game that is? (I know its Roblox, i mean what game on there)

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