Birth To Death The Squid Game: A Roblox Movie

Thanks for watching: Birth To Death The Squid Game: A Roblox Movie


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  1. But how did you get the mask it’s impossible for me

  2. Why is he already a triangle when he joined.

  3. first of all…I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

  4. Not 100% Perfect and true
    There is no obby level or lava level
    The guards don't have breaks
    There is no Cafeteria

  5. "We are going to eliminate the child" 💀

  6. I love your video I just found your channel and I love it

  7. i swear when the frontman said imposter my head went like: WHEN THE IMPOSTER IS SUS

  8. This is so bad and good Idk witch one to pick

  9. I'm jana with my new job and I need your help on my part in my current 9

  10. i like that you do your own rounds like the obby round and the lave round AND you have the vip's *nothing that i said is in the real game

  11. Rainbow Wolf Kirana Michelle Wicaksono says:

    I love this video, all of your videos are so good and intertaining. And I can clearly see that you really put a lot of effort into it. Oh and also, love the ending! 😄👍

  12. It’s funny how you go mid showing off your shirts

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