Ali Death Scene – Squid Game (2021)

Ali betrayed and death scene – Squid Game


  1. That’s probably the main reason I never really liked sang woo. Ali is the best

  2. Ali Abdul should've trusted ALLAH SWT , not sang-woo, he could've also did PS5 (Pray Salah 5 times = PS5) (pretty sure he is muslim)

    I'm also sure he is muslim AND pakistani, not Indian

  3. Almost 2 years later and I’m still crying because of this
    Damn Ali was too nice , that killed him at the end

  4. This my first scene I cried this scene is so emotional he trusted Song woo so much but he betrayed him how can he cheated the person who trusted him very much It feel so heart broken when you trusted person very much and he betray you Ali's death is so unfair😭

  5. Ali man 😭 fuck you Sang Woo but gotta do what you gotta do to win

  6. Saddest one ever… all he want wanted is just go home

  7. I cried at this scene because ali he has a wife and baby 😢😢

  8. Βασιλική Μπουγιούρα says:

    We don’t see Ali death.. that give me hope.😊

  9. Just goes to show you that, treating everyone with kindness doesn’t necessarily lead to better things. Dude got murked because he was too nice.

  10. Ali died because of how naive he was. People like Ali will would never get that money, just too pure hearted

  11. ali wandering around aimlessly calling out for sangwoo literally broke me

  12. I seriously hate Sang for doing this to Ali. In this scenario, Ali is the true friend who didn't let Sang get killed. Sang did it for survival, but now that just makes him into a monster more than Ali.

  13. Pro tip:- Never trust anyone who has white skin
    They have history of colonization and mass murder

  14. OMG noooo the fact that he was more sad abou the betrayal than the fact that he was about to die 😭😭😭😭

  15. I think this is a memorable moment we won’t forget 😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Could be that I’m cold hearted , but I completely respect what he did. It’s a freaking survival game.

  17. I’m a crybaby but this death shocked me so much to the point I didn’t even have tears. I felt so dead and numb inside.

  18. "Betrayal doesn't hurt from the betray,

    It hurts cause it comes from the people
    you trust the most"

  19. Sad thing is that most people were in the games because they messed up in their lives, spent money they didn't have, took out loans they could never repay.

    Ali was there because he got scammed out of his money and he was trying to provide a better life for his child. He was a good soul

  20. I hate this guy bro Ali needs money more he saved everyone.. Aku benci orang ini, bro Ali butuh lebih banyak uang, dia menyelamatkan semua orang…

  21. I'm sorry but I will hate sang woo mf for life

  22. Sang woo was his last words, let it sink in

  23. Can't believe some people think Sang Woo is the biggest villain in the story when it was clearly Grandpa Il Nam in retrospect

  24. Dude the scene had me heartbroken not only did sang woo betray Ali but he also got him killed

  25. Dude this game reminds me when our teacher conduct a game similar to this one, but the consequences is when i get all the rock from my partner then I will be the one to receive the points and my partner recieves nothing. From that scenario we play the game by taking the rock in a way of rock,paper, scissors game, suddenly I won and recieve the price while my partner have nothing,and the problem my partner is my best friend. I really regret that game. And I wonder if I could only wait the time end without taking one the rocks then their will be no left behind.😔

  26. Now he's a prince at king the land ^_^

  27. bro had to do him dirty with replacing the marbles with the rocks dude😢 rip ali 😢

  28. I don’t know what made me tear up more during this scene , Ali’s death or Gi Hun being forced to trick Ilnam

  29. The sheep is the first to be eaten in a world of wolves. Never trust anyone.

  30. Nooooo she was my favorite One out of all of them 😢 😭 Ali I loved you Bro why hi. I wanted him to win only wheever

  31. Lots of people calling Ali stupid, but forget that Sang-Woo paid for Ali’s fare and was teaching him the rules of each game. He also looked out for Ali during his -2 fingers.

    Far by one of the saddest moments on tv. Ali was gullible…and Sang-Woo 🖕 him

  32. It was meant to be known that 218 and 199 was in the 4th game until 218 asked 199 let's play Odd or even player 218 explained ali everything until ali was to good at it even though it was his first time playing odd and even 218 player swapped his marbles with his

  33. I can feel the pain Ali is feeling at this scene….he saved the main character and the people he trusted the most just betrayed him like that, he even promised his wife to meet them at their home with the prize money…and he also had a 1 year old baby….its just so sad and painful…

  34. This scene still gets me sad and angry at the same time. I’ll never forgive Sang-woo and always look at him with disgust for doing what he did to Ali! 🤬

  35. Squid Game has affected me mentally. Not something other shows have been able to do. It's something too powerful to write here.

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