3rd Party 1/6 Scale Previews Squid Game Guard + Corvus Glaive & King Shark Figures

⚠️ Here is a video series I’m doing that showcases 3rd Party Companies making some amazing 1/6 Scale Figure that you may not know even exist. These can definitely fill out your collections.

✳️ Ekuaz Studios 1/6 Scale The Game Guard AKA Squid Game Guard from the Squid Game Series.

✳️ Toys Battalion 1/6 Scale Raven Blade AKA Corvus Glaive from the MCU Black Order Children of Thanos.

✳️ Red Star 1/6 Scale Shark Chief AKA King Shark from The Suicide Squad Movie.

⚠️ Music is copyright free by using the iMovie editing software I used to create this video.

🎹 Artist: iMovie
🎼 Song: Neon

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✅ The Godfather Michael Corleone 1/6 Scale Figure from Present Toys.

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✅ Spider-Man Noir Into The Spider Verse 1/6 Scale Figure from SooSoo Toys.

✅ Venomized Gwen Stacey Gwenom 1/6 Scale Figure.

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  1. Hello, do you know still where to buy that King Shark?

  2. Didn’t know In Famous is making Corvus Glaive as well

  3. ShadowVoid aka Proxima Midnight out yet? I hav it preordered on Monkey

  4. Thank u for replying to my comments. I still want Lady Death n Purgatori 1/6 figures in $100-$200 range. Any chance they might reissue or? I put myself down for the waitlists

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