💢Behind the mask💢||Squid Game|| if I was the square guard•[Gacha life meme]•

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  1. Assalamualaikum!! ?/10 for the video..? Kk bye see you next time 🔥👋💖If you want a new video can you please subscribe for my channel?…TQSM😳

  2. its really going to be fucked up if you shipped them together…


  4. 1000/10!! I love this video so much!!!😳❤️

  5. boss shoot the guard and the player boss: remember once they know ur face and who u are u die

  6. what the-.. none of the guards is a girl doe.

  7. Waalaikummussalam Bestie…..1000/10 for the vid…..i will always support you so..GOOD LUCK😘💖

  8. The fact that the guard can just beat him up doesn't make sense..

  9. The fact I could just instantly become a psychopath and laugh while she screams to her death.
    If I was Triangle.

  10. But it's a 5/10 for me. If it was gacha club it would be 10

  11. tf is this bro, am i on deep web? i think i am jhbajkbwhgdbyuagf

  12. Bro how does she fit all that hair in the mask 😨😨

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