【Little Big Adventure】What’s So Big About It?

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My name is Amiya Aranha, here to weave some sweet dreams for you 🧵 I love making music, art, and sewing! You’re not afraid of spiders, right?

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🧵 Amiya Aranha 🧵

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Model Illustrator: @si10ra ()
Live2D Rigger: @_hodusae ()
Loading screen: @tamagotaho ()

BGM: Dova Syndrome ()
Overlays: @umiushiurara ()

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Uzuki Tomoya

Tsurugi Nen

Tetsuya Kazune

Chikafuji Lisa

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  1. Thanks for the stream, Ami. It truly was a little big plane–adventure. I'm not an elephant.

  2. Gracias por tu arduo trabajo Amiya 💙

  3. A little big adventure for a little cute spider. AMI CUTE AMI LOVE

  4. Never saw this strange game in my life but it was fun, it was a pretty tought experience as expected of a retro old videogame but it was fun, it was hilarious how many times you got slapped (in game ) Thanks for the double stream today Amiya!

  5. Thank you for the fun stream Ami! Elephants are some serious pitchers it seems

  6. l like a stream amiya l love you

  7. Ok I did say the presentation was meh but I also said it looked tasty!
    Plating is only like 8% of the score when I rate cooking! Who cares if it looks pretty if it doesn't taste good! It's food not a cute spidor girl, I'm not gonna stare at it that long!

  8. If there's anything big about this game, it's the hitstun.
    Thanks for the stream Ami. Elephants are no joke.

  9. The game was pretty good Ami I liked it, thanks for playing it 💙💜

  10. Everyone knew that one kid who would turn Discreet mode on to sneak into class 20 minutes late, but then turn on Athletic mode to be the first one out the door when class ended.

    1:11:30 – Shibuya Meltdown 🍺

    1:51:28 – If you ever do a presentation about Game Over screens, this has gotta go on there

    2:47:53 – She HATES sad businessmen

    3:32:24 – Meowed up how a bucket is a cylyndrical vessel and not a tiny Bucko

  11. Thanks for the stream Ami the game was pretty strange for sure but I enjoyed watching you play it 💗

  12. Thanks Ami for another amazing and funny stream 😊💖

  13. You got pretty far, although it is still the beginning of the game, basically!! But yeah, you needed to follow that Rabbibunnie and hide so she could distract the Grobo. Then you have a clear path.
    We'll get them next time!!

  14. You have to finish it. It gets better and easier after this part I feel, and the second game gets even better!!

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