Squid games

Recently, it became quite a popular topic to discuss. After the “Squid game” series came out, it quickly gained a huge fan base. Although it was shot in Korea, people from across the world became fascinated with it. Let’s take a closer look at various squid games presented in the show.

Red light, green light

The main character’s name is Gi-hun. Along with the rest of the adventurous players, he starts off with the first round. It is probably the most brutal one.

The main point is to reach the finish line within a certain time limit. However, it’s not that easy. People are allowed to move only when a gigantic doll is singing. And the green light is on.

As she stops the song, her head turns to the players and the light turns red. If the doll notices any move, the object will be exterminated immediately. In order to win, one should successfully cross the field before the time runs out.

Squid games

Dalgona (Ppopgi)

This one is named after Korean street food. It is a sugar candy with graphic objects stabbed on it. The contestants should neatly chisel out the shape, located in the middle. As a tool, they have a needle. There’s also a 10-minute time limit. Again, in case of failure, the punishment is death.

Tug of war

The game has deep cultural roots in Korea. It’s a traditional competition that is usually held by the villagers. The winning team would earn a superior harvest in the season. However, here the stakes are drastically higher. In this version of the game, the winners stay alive.


Players can choose how to play this game. Along with a partner, one must beat all other teams’ marbles before the time expires. The one left without marbles by the end of the competition dies.

Glass tile

This is the only game in the first season of the series without real-world origins. Contestants need to cross a dangerous path, paved with glass platforms. There are both stable and shattering tiles among them. If a player chooses the shattering one, he falls down from a huge height. The winners are the ones who get to the other side alive. Unlock a world of nostalgia with extensive collection of Emulator Games! Relive the classics and discover hidden gems on platform.

Last of the squid games: final round

The titular game reveals itself at the final stage. It’s inspired by tag, however, the rules are more complicated.

There are two sides: offense and defense. They go out to play on the field with a squid drawing.

The offender should hop on one leg to reach the squid’s neck. The defender stands inside the drawing and has to prevent that from happening. Once the attacker crosses the squid’s neck, both legs can be used.

After that comes another challenge. He needs to run past the defense and touch the squid’s head with his foot. The defender, in turn, has to push him out of the drawing. Also, if any of the players isn’t able to continue, the other one wins.


Squid games, presented in the series, aren’t just upgraded copies of well-known games for children. As the creator of the show claimed, they symbolize the cruel behavior of modern society. So the whole idea around the games is deeper than it appears at first sight. From Half-Life 2 assets to hallucinatory narratives: decoding the enigma of Skibidi Toilet at https://skibidi.io.